The rules for March Mash-up are as follows: 

1.  Draw one mash-up creature per day.  If you are not able to draw one per day then choose one every other day, maybe once a week or pick your favorites and draw them.  The idea of the challenge is to have fun and create something different and original.  Don’t stress about completing something every day.  You can just pick your favorites and complete those.  The choice is yours.

2.  Use any medium you wish.  Anything is acceptable as long as you are having fun and creating something new and different.  This is a great time to try something new or work within your comfort zone…just mash something together and share your creations.

3.  Post to Instagram and/or facebook or any other social media you would like to use and be sure to use hashtags #MarchMashup #MarchMashup2021 #DrawCreature and that day’s prompts combination of the creatures (i.e. butterfly + Leaf = #ButterflyLeaf)

That’s it.  Just have fun and create something new and unique.  We can’t wait to see what you come up with!